Timber Floor Direct Staining

A unique fast drying spirit based stain which allows the full clarity of the timber grain to show through after staining. Feast Watson Prooftint is suitable for use on all interior timber, including floors and furniture.

Prooftint can be used neat to achieve deep, rich colour or diluted with Prooftint Colour Reducer to achieve lighter shades. Prooftint can also be added to Feast Watson Weatherproof, Satinproof, Scandinavian Oil or Flatproof to create a one step stain and varnish, or added to Feast Watson Liming Solution to produce a range of pastel shades.

A versatile stain, Prooftint colours can be mixed to create your own custom shade or to achieve an exact colour match for your timber. Such versatility makes it ideal for colour matching to existing colour schemes and repairing scratches and damage to stained timber.

Timber Floor Direct Staining

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Direct Stain Color

Any flooring can be stained to your request. Some colours are included.
The range may vary at any time and colours may vary as to what you see on your own computer screen compared to real samples.

* These colours can be mixed to obtain the required effect.