Timber Floor Sanding & Polishing

Floor sanding and polishing is a great way to enhance the look of your floor. It is stylish and suits any styles of home. Sanding and Polishing also increases the floor's durability.

FLOOR BROTHERS Sanding carry out specialist floor sanding and renovation to restore your floors to their natural beauty.

If you peel back your carpet it is likely that you'll see a dirty wooden floor which may be covered with paint stains. There might also be cuts and dents across the floor boards where damage has been done by builders or tradesmen in the past.
When you look at your wooden floors in this condition it is hard to visualize how they could be transformed into something that could be really stunning.

Floor sanding and polishing is undertaken using only the very best dust free sanders, machines and materials available.

Timber Floor Sanding & Polishing
Floor Sanding Process

Floor sanding process

The floor sanding process is able to be conducted on a variety of timber, cork, particleboard, and sometimes parquet. Some floors are laid and designed for sanding.

However many old floors are also sanded after the previous coverings are removed and suitable wood is found hidden beneath the old coverings. Floor sanding usually involves three stages: Preparation, sanding, and coating with desired product.

Almost all modern sanding jobs are completed with specialized sanding machines. The majority of material is removed by large belt or drum sanders. The areas where the large sanders cannot reach such as, edges, corners, and stairs are sanded by an edger. A finishing machine is then used for the final sanding.

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Sanding Preparation

All nails which are protruding above the boards are punched. Nails can severely damage the sanding machines which are being used. Staples or tacks which were once used to fasten previous (if any) coverings are removed to reduce the possibility of damage.

Some brands or types of adhesives which have been used to secure coverings may need to be removed. Some adhesives clog papers and running gear of the machines used. Some of these adhesives while present make sanding impossible.

After the preparation the sanding begins. The first cut is done with course grit papers to remove old products and to make the floor flat. The differences in height between the boards are removed. The large sanders are used across the grain of the timber.

Sanding Preparation
Sanding Finishing


A finishing machine is used to create the final finish. The grit paper used is of personal preference, however 100-150 grit papers are usually used.

Coating with polyurethane, oils, or other products is done. It is also highly poisonous so wearing a suitable face mask is recommended.

If you are thinking about having a floor sanding job done, it is important to achieve a top class finish, as your old wooden floor when expertly restored could actually increase the value of your property.

Discover how the best floor sanding service can transform an unsightly floor into a beautiful wooden floor.