Solvent based polyurethane

Semi Gloss / Low Sheen

Subdued gloss coatings are single pack, moisture curing polyurethane coatings for interior timber, parquetry and cork flooring. The coatings are highly abrasion resistant and extremely durable. They provide floors with a subtle sheen when used as the final coat in a system with one of the following Polycure coatings The choice of Semi Gloss and Low Sheen provides an alternative to traditional gloss finished timber flooring. The coating is easy to maintain and will enhance the natural appearance of interior timber floors.

Gloss / Super Gloss / Max Gloss

Gloss coatings are single pack, moisture curing polyurethane coatings for interior timber, parquetry and cork flooring. They will provide a highly resistant and extremely durable protective film, which will result in a high gloss finish, when used in a three coat system.

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Water based polyurethane

img_bonaxWater-based polyurethane finishes are clear and non-yellowing, available in gloss, satin and matt. There are two main reasons for using Bona finishes.

Firstly, for the sake of your health and that of your employees. It is an undeniable fact that solvent based polyurethane coatings pose severe health risks to flooring contractors, other trades on site, during and after the floor has been coated, and occupiers of the property. These coatings contain high levels of solvents, up to 80%, and chemicals such as Toluene Di-isocyanate, Formaldehyde, Xylene and Benzene.

Secondly, using waterborne finishes will give you an advantage over competitors who only offer customers solvent products. In other words, you will win more quotes at a higher price. That's because homeowners and other customers are willing to pay for the many benefits of Bona non-toxic finishes.

Tung Oil

Tung Oil or "China Wood Oil" is an oil extracted from the nut of the Tung Tree, used by the Chinese for centuries to protect and beautify timber. Tung Oil may darken certain timbers, and does not produce the hardness or chemical resistance of modern synthetic coatings.

Used on floors where subdue gloss finish is desired.Based on a natural oil that enhances the natural beauty of timber. Some floor maintenance is required to promote the life of the floor and it will not scratch or chip.

Feastwatson Floorpolishers Hardwaxoils

Hard Wax Oil

  • They are non-yellowing, as the coating doesn't degrade with exposure to UV light
  • They will not fade, become hazy or look milky
  • They will not crack flake or peel when correctly applied

Hardwaxes are predominantly manufactured in Europe, and therefore comply with the EU standards for VOC emissions, Environment and Sustainability. Traditional formulations are being constantly optimised, representing state-of-the-art manufacturing and usage characteristics. Nano-technology is already used in specialist wax coatings such as Water blockers and will play a prominent role in the continuing development of hardwaxes.

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